Providing Deep Understanding

Hein has the knowledge and understanding to advise your family on taxes and other issues, and offer outside perspective and objective opinions on all aspects of both your business and personal wealth.

Taxes inform and affect the management of your family business, and are a large concern. We can help you answer:

  • What you can do now in the family business to reduce taxes over the long term
  • Whether your business buyout or acquisition allocates the price in the most advantageous way
  • What your future goals are for the business or for establishing a personal legacy
  • How you can best handle estate tax planning, transferring assets, and gifting

Hein’s expert handling of family group taxes, and our expertise, leave you free to focus on your business and not worry about the numbers.

Specialized Services and Expertise

  • Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Valuations
  • Negotiations
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Profit Improvement
  • Special Projects

Benefits of Working with Hein

  • Balance an array of factors, assisting you in meeting your unique goals
  • Ensure the legacy of your mission and values, and extracts the desired value for you
  • Maximize wealth and preserve assets, allowing you to begin planning for succession
  • Optimize the value of a purchase or sale, enabling you to come to an agreement that all parties feel is fair
  • Ensure liquidity and continuity, allowing you to plan more effectively

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