Services throughout the Entire Deal Lifecycle

Acquisitions and divestitures require hard work and discipline to complete. Hein’s suite of transaction advisory services supports you over the full lifecycle of your deal, on either the buy-side or sell-side.

Regardless of deal size, Hein helps clients reach their potential by:

  • Looking at your transaction from a holistic perspective
  • Taking time to fully understand your objectives
  • Making certain we understand all aspects of the deal, from due diligence, accounting and tax issues, to operating concerns and managing risk
  • Tailoring our services to your specific needs and circumstances

By helping you focus on the right things at the right times, we can help you achieve your deal objectives.

Specialized Services and Expertise

  • Assessing key assumptions underlying the deal
  • Evaluating the quality of earnings of a business, including its historical and forecasted performance
  • Assessing performance improvement opportunities
  • Advising on favorable deal terms for negotiation, such as working capital mechanisms
  • Determining the optimal tax structure for the deal, and any federal, state, local and international tax exposures and opportunities
  • Performing rigorous due diligenceon the financial, tax, operational and information technology aspects of the business
  • Assessing internal controls, processes and systems
  • Supporting data room management on divestitures
  • Assisting with post-transaction integration and synergy analysis

Benefits of Working with Hein

  • Access to highly-seasoned transaction advisory services experts, helping you to prioritize where to allocate resources and when to adapt
  • A practical and executable approach, eliminating the chance you’ll get unnecessary surprises
  • Access to well-rounded professionals, ensuring seamless work with expertise in due diligence, tax, audit, IT, and operations across a broad array of industries

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