High Quality Delivered with High Touch

Whether your company is public or private, our audits provide you with independent verification on accounting and many other types of information, based on the highest quality standards. Hein offers:

  • Collaboration with your team to develop an audit plan
  • Taking time to understand your objectives, the impacts of economic and industry conditions on your business, and other relevant factors
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of your operations, business processes, key audit factors and risks
  • Bringing in Hein’s industry, tax and business advisory specialists and affiliated global associations of independent accounting firms where needed
  • Accessible partners and managers, working directly on projects
  • Frequent communication, including prompt responses to your questions and requests

Hein’s audit and assurance services generate valuable management information for you. Our trusted reports are readily accepted by third parties based on our reputation in the market.

Serving Public Companies

Whether we’re performing an audit or working with you on complex areas, Hein has the expertise to not only save you time but also decrease your risk.

Serving Private Companies

We have a great deal of flexibility in working with privately held companies, serving as both your auditor and advisor over the lifecycle of your business. Hein’s audit, tax and advisory professionals work together as an integrated team to support private companies with both broad and specialized knowledge.

Specialized Services

  • SEC reporting and compliance
  • Business combinations
  • Stock-based compensation
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Audit and transaction services
  • Attestation services
  • Compilation and review
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Due diligence, quality of earnings and business valuations

Benefits of Working with Hein:

  • Provide smooth, reliable audit process based on collaboration and communication, helping you assess, prepare and strategize to meet your goals
  • Allow for more confidence in your decisions, based on trusted advice, assisting you in the management of a range of issues
  • Render reduced business risk using more complete and accurate information, enabling you to evaluate your options more precisely
  • Provide faster third-party acceptance of financial information based on Hein’s reputation, allowing you to move toward your goals without unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles
  • Lend more input and better outcomes from a collaborative, communicative work environment, ensuring everyone is informed about issues
  • Afford greater ease in doing business internationally through Hein’s global reach, facilitating connections for your worldwide growth

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