Hein is dedicated to the technology industry. Many of us in the Technology Practice Area have entrepreneurial backgrounds, or have served in leadership positions in technology companies. We understand the special innovative spirit that is unique to the industry, and that feeling continues to inspire us in our work here at Hein. This deep experiential understanding of technology companies and our specialized technical expertise enables us to provide an extra level of critical support to our technology clients.

Whether you are a software, hardware, or IT services company, Hein works as a team to help you achieve your goals. Our technology clients rely on us to help them:

  • Establish credibility to close venture capital-backed deals
  • Conduct due diligence on acquisitions
  • Take steps to increase profitability or competitiveness
  • Plan long-term growth

We stay actively involved in the technology industry, volunteering our time, ideas, and talent. We keep ourselves apprised of issues and trends, while making valuable connections to benefit our clients. We regularly author articles and speak on technology issues and work with trade associations to advocate for the industry. We do our tax research and development in-house, allowing us to personally dig into the issues for you and eliminate time wasted waiting for answers from a distant headquarters. The information we gather and people we meet continually build on our knowledge and understanding of the technology industry and increase the value we bring to clients.

A Team That Moves You Forward

Given the pace and complexity of this industry, you need the support of people knowledgeable in a number of disciplines, as well as those with technology expertise. Our Technology Practice Area comprises Hein’s Tax, Audit, Business Advisory, Private Equity and other practice areas, and you will have access to all our resources whenever specialized expertise is needed. And, we can tap into experts from our professional network who also serve your industry, including attorneys, bankers, investment bankers, and other operational and financial service providers.

What does having this combination of expertise available and easily accessible mean to you from a practical perspective? It allows us to help you make strategic decisions rather than simply compliance-based decisions that may resolve specific issues, but not move you forward.

Specialized Services and Expertise

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Research and Development Credits
  • Valuation of Intangible Assets
  • Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 382 Studies
  • Accounting Standard Codification (ASC 740)
  • Service Organization Control Reports (SSAE16/SAS70)
  • State and Local Tax
  • Nexus Filings
  • Incentive Credits
  • NetSuite Implementation Services

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