Committed to Supportive Relationships


The most distinguishing characteristic of private equity transactions is their complexity. Private equity groups and their portfolio companies rely on us to provide uniquely supportive accounting, tax, due diligence, and valuation services that simplify any type of transaction they undertake.

As a private equity client, our services are exceptionally valuable to your business, enhanced by our:

  • Experienced teams committed to their relationship with you
  • National recognition and respect from major investment banks
  • Audit reports that are readily accepted in capital markets
  • Top SEC expertise to support exit strategies
  • Networks to identify qualified prospects for investment

Serving Private Equity Funds

By developing an understanding of your investment criteria, industry specializations, and the general structure of your investments, we can:

  • Assist you with your due diligence, tax structure, and related accounting and financial reporting issues
  • Provide auditing and tax compliance services at the fund level
  • Connect you with our base of clients and other relationships that may provide investment opportunities
  • Refer you to contacts who can recommend contract or full-time financial reporting and accounting assistance to your portfolio companies

Serving Private Equity Portfolio Companies

We typically enter at the time of initial funding, and our relationship matures as companies or properties are acquired or developed, often continuing long beyond the transaction. Our goal is to help ensure timely, efficient and accurate financial reporting to assist with decision-making and company compliance with tax reporting obligations. Our services include:

  • Traditional audit and tax services
  • Add-on diligence services
  • Valuation services
  • ERP implementation and internal controls consulting

Based on a strong relationship with you, we provide team continuity and proven expertise that makes Hein easy to do business with on every transaction.

Benefits of Working with Hein

  • Enhance your company image based on our reputation and relationships, resulting in more market opportunities for you
  • Enjoy thorough analysis of financial and operational data during due diligence, reducing the risk and uncertainty
  • Superior client service built on senior partner interaction and direct access to subject matter specialists during the entire lifecycle of the transaction
  • Ensure timely, efficient, accurate financial reporting, supporting better board and management decision-making
  • Increase business opportunities through readily accepted audits, enabling you to move more quickly as situations arise
  • Create higher potential for qualified prospective investors through our networks, allowing you to grow faster
  • Minimize hiring errors and costs through our trusted resources for portfolio company candidates, providing you with top talent choices

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