What’s special about Hein? Of course, it’s our people. Anyone familiar with Hein knows that we grow our business by building relationships—beginning with those we build with one another.

Hein has created a culture we can all be proud to be part of and, just as important, have fun working in. We’re not the stereotypical accountants. Among the things that characterize Hein are: professional training, excellent benefits, and open communication.

We are one of the top firms in the country in the development of our employees. At Hein, everybody grows in technical, professional and business skills. We strive to provide comprehensive, affordable benefits to employees and their families, including health, retirement, and life and disability insurance. We continually evaluate our plans and welcome input from employees.

Life at Hein is based on effective and frequent communication. It’s embedded in our culture and in our client relationships. We’re known for our knowledge and our willingness to share it with one another and with clients.

Accessibility, which is in effect another word for communication, distinguishes us internally too. Every door here is open, and partners are part of the team.

Extraordinary people. Interesting projects. Personal and professional growth. And, yes, we think Hein is a pretty exciting place to be.

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Mission Statement

We deeply believe in the importance of our profession. Honesty and integrity govern all of our actions. We work in teams to offer new perspectives, challenge assumptions, and present solutions to our clients.

Core Values

In an ever-changing world, Hein’s core values are constant and reflect what is truly important to us as a firm. Our values shape our culture, define the character of our firm, underlie our work, and guide our interactions. They represent our heart and soul.

  • Continuous Growth —we are committed to continuous personal and professional growth, increasing our knowledge and deepening our relationships with one another and with clients.
  • Honesty and Integrity—we are straightforward and transparent in our communications with clients and team members, building trust that enables us to work effectively in the spirit of teamwork.
  • Personal Responsibility—we own what we do; keep our commitments; take responsibility for our choices; communicate on issues as soon as we are aware of them; and look first to ourselves and team members when seeking solutions.
  • Respect—we depend on each other and follow the “Golden Rule” in all of our interactions, treating others with consideration, and ensuring that we all thrive in a culture of teamwork.