SOC Tip #14

Keep it tight! To keep costs down, service organizations should have a discussion with their customers and auditors about only including ‘key’ controls that satisfy control objectives for SOC reports. Extra controls do not necessarily add to the report once control objectives are met, and only add unneeded costs to the audit engagement.

How Barrel ERP can Help Craft Breweries Maintain Strong Growth

Not that long ago, a small number of craft breweries were primarily pouring up glasses for like-minded enthusiasts who wanted flavorful alternatives to big-brands. But, like any good idea, the craft brewing business is now attracting a much wider circle of paying customers.

Overview: Research and Development Tax Credits

In 1981, the United States was one of the first countries in the world to enact a federal research and development (R&D) tax credit, which was a dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax owed (generally amounting to five to ten cents on every dollar of qualified research expenses).

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